Take a Hearing Test

NationsHearing offers two convenient ways to take a hearing test:

Our provider network



Call us at 866-876-8637 (TTY: 711) and speak with a Member Experience Advisor who will schedule your hearing test with a local provider.



If the test results show hearing loss, we will work with you to select the highest quality hearing aids using your hearing benefit allowance.



We work with your provider to fit your hearing aids and schedule any necessary follow-up appointments.



To ensure your complete satisfaction, a representative will contact you to see if you need any further assistance.

Call 866-876-8637 (TTY: 711)
Call 866-876-8637 (TTY: 711)

Digital hearing experience



From your computer or mobile device, log into our digital hearing experience and take a hearing test.



The test only takes a few minutes and you will have immediate access to accurate hearing results.


Hearing Aids

Products are available to order online using your benefit allowance and shipped to you, at no additional cost.



At any time during the process, you can connect with an online representative that can assist you with any questions you may have.

Our Program Features

  • Annual hearing test with no out-of-pocket cost
  • Access to a nationwide network of 8,000+ providers
  • Hearing aids available from all major brands
  • Low pricing and a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee
  • Concierge services by dedicated Member Experience Advisors
  • Three follow-up visits
  • 3-year manufacturer’s repair warranty
  • 3 years of batteries included*
  • One-time replacement coverage for lost, stolen or damaged hearing aids**
  • 12- and 18-month financing options available with 0% APR, no money down
Call us at 866-876-8637 (TTY: 711) to learn more.
*Not applicable to the purchase of rechargeable hearing aid models. **Deductibles may apply.

Hearing Aid Options

NationsHearing has relationships with all leading hearing aid manufacturers, which means we can offer the latest and most advanced hearing aids for more than 1,200 makes and models. Understanding your options when choosing a hearing aid will help you make the right decision for your hearing health.

Choosing The Right Style

Today’s hearing aids vary in size, color, features, and fit. In order to meet the demand for less-visible devices, manufacturers are designing hearing aids that are much smaller, fit more comfortably in the ear, and are barely noticeable.


The features that are built into your hearing aids are just as important as the style you choose. Below is a short list of features and benefits designed to improve the quality and health of your hearing needs.

Features* Benefits
Noise, impulse, and wind reduction Blocks out background noises making it easier for you to understand speech.
Feedback reduction Identifies and stops annoying feedback, reducing high-pitch and whistle sounds.
Smartphone and Bluetooth®** compatible Enables hearing aids to connect to mobile phones and other wireless devices.
Rechargeable batteries Eliminates the need to replace tiny button batteries every few days or weeks.
Channel filters Multi-channel options designed for your low, mid, or high frequency needs.
*Features vary depending on the make and model of each hearing aid device.
**The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are registered trademarks owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc.
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Hearing Aid Models

Our hearing aids are available in a variety of colors:













super power

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A Reliable Name In Hearing Aids

We work with many leading hearing aid manufacturers to bring you a consistently exceptional level of sound quality. Beltone and ReSound are industry leaders in combining original designs with breakthrough audiological technology. Their global presence and commitment to innovation have helped countless people rediscover hearing for fuller, richer lives.

Our hearing experts help you select the best hearing aid for your needs and ensure you’re satisfied even after the process.

Our Technology

NationsHearing uses the latest technology to make sure you have access to innovative hearing care.


digital hearing

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Find a Provider

      Call NationsHearing and learn how you can save thousands of dollars on the most advanced hearing aids. 866-876-8637 (TTY: 711).

      8 a.m. – 8 p.m. local time

      Frequently Asked Questions

      NationsHearing partners with your health plan to administer your hearing aid benefit.

      If your hearing test was taken more than six months ago, your provider may want to conduct their own hearing test to ensure your hearing aids are properly fitted.

      Your benefit includes an annual in-person hearing test with no out-of-pocket cost.

      Our Member Experience Advisors will help you select a hearing aid provider and schedule a no-cost hearing test in your area.

      NationsHearing offers the latest hearing aids from a variety of brands. This gives you the ability to choose from a robust selection of state-of-the-art hearing aids to meet your needs and lifestyle.

      All hearing aids purchased through NationsHearing come with a three-year manufacturers’ warranty to cover repairs and one-time loss and damage replacement coverage** (per hearing aid).

      No, your benefit includes three years of batteries*** (per hearing aid), at no additional cost.

      Yes, NationsHearing offers a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee. Please contact us at 866-876-8637 (TTY: 711). We want to make sure you are completely satisfied.

      Call 866-876-8637 (TTY: 711) to speak with a Member Experience Advisor who will schedule your hearing test with a local provider. Advisors are available 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. local time. Language support services are available free of charge.

      Click here to access your online hearing test.

      *Select makes and models apply to digital hearing aid orders.
      **Deductibles vary by manufacturer and typically range from $175-$255.
      ***Not applicable to the purchase of rechargeable hearing aid models.

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